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The Lafkiotis winery is located in Ancient Kleonai, which is in the province of Corinthia, within the terroir (AOC) of Nemea.

The ancient site of Kleonai is first mentioned in Homer. It took its name from Kleone, daughter of King Pelops or of the river God Asopos. In Ancient Kleonai one can see remains of the city and of the acropolis as well of the temple of Herakles. The latter is the only ancient temple dedicated to the demigod Herakles that has been discovered in the ancient Mediterranean.

The particular micro-climate of the region allows the cultivation of local varieties, the most important of which is the charismatic red Agiorgitiko. It literally means the wine of the Agios Georgios which was the former name of the modern town of Nemea. This particular variety yields the excellent AOC red wines of the region.

The area, abounded with vineyards, is located almost at the center of important historical and archaeological sites (Ancient Nemea, Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Dervenakia), together making for a unique cultural landscape.